Php Code – Codemeets– 01

php code lesson is about php. PHP is a general-purpose scripting language. specifically designed for web development. It created by the Rasmus Lerdorf. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor for an iterative startup.

The implementation language of php is C. It works for any OS ex: Unix, Windows.
Additional information is available at ATOM, Sublime Text, Php Strome as php editors. php is the server-side language.

How to install php in your pc!(Windows).

    1. First we need to download php debug pack (

    1. After Download Extract in C Drive.

    1. Edit the System Environment Variable.
        • Environment Variable.

        • Path

        • Edit

        • New

        • Type C:php

        • Click Ok

    1. Test Using CMD
        • php -v


example php version

How to create CMD local host and run

    1. Open CMD
        • php -s localhost:4000

Open Web Browser and type this url,


Now you know how to run php file in your windows pc.

PHP Frameworks

What is the framework? this is software. this helps to make the website easy. it has more options to develop any program easy. It has web services, web resources, and web APIs. It help us develop good website. But to work with php framework you must have basic knowledge of php. See below its is top 10 php framework in 2023.

    1. Laravel

    1. CodeIgniter

    1. Symfony

    1. CakePHP

    1. Yii

    1. Laminas Project

    1. Phalcon

    1. Fat-Free Framework

    1. Lumen

    1. Slim

I recommend for develop website use CodeIgniter and Laravel it is good. I put link below you can go it site,

How to Make First Php Code File

Hello World

    • First Step is Open any Shoutable editor.

    • php code have block <?php ?> any function you can type with this block.

    • php have 2 main text output method it is echo or print you can use both of them.

    • special php code line end use semicolon ( ; ).

    • See below full code of hello world in php,

echo ("Hello World");

Save and run file you can see hello world for output.

Thank for all!

More php ClickHere!

See you Next php Lesson Soon!

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